Frequently asked questions

What is TecTrich® made of?

TecTrich® fibres are made of an organic and keratin protein mix, just like hair. Statically charged, they form a clever magnetic attraction – locking onto the very thinnest of hairs. This makes every single hair look thicker and your hair fuller - and as the fibres are statically charged they will not come off in wind, rain or through perspiration.

Can I mix colours?

Yes, apply the darkest colour first, pat down to spread the fibres. Then apply the lightly shade and pat. Repeat if needed to blend into your actual hair shade and thickness.

Do you have to wash the fibres out every day?

We do recommend that you wash your hair daily – this ensures that your hair will look its best – greasy hair can clump up the fibres – then it doesn’t look natural.

Are your products tested on animals and do they contain animal products?

No, our products are cruelty free, they are not tested on animals. Also, as they contain no animal products, they are also suitable for vegans.

Can I swap colours?

Yes, if you find you've chosen the wrong colour just contact us we are happy to help.

What about hair styling?

We recommend that you style your clean hair as you would do normally, use your curling tongs or straighteners – and then use the fibres with fixing spray if you need extra hold.

Do you ship to Ireland?

We do, from our Amazon Store