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Brown 25g Bottle

Brown 25g Bottle

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Frequently asked questions

How does it work?


TecTrich® is used by hair and make up professionals in the film and television industry, is trusted by Doctors and is part of the daily routine for thousands of people worldwide including some well known celebrities.



When applied, TecTrich® Premium Hair Building Fibres unique formula of coloured natural keratin and organic fibres attaches flawlessly to your hair, making it thicker and fuller in just seconds.



The basic principle behind Hair Fibres is the inherent static charge which acts as a magnet between fibre and hair.

So, the ideal fibre will have a high static charge whilst being voluminous and light.


Only one fibre meets those criteria: TecTrich®                        



Unlike first generation hair fibres which are made of cotton, plain keratin or even nylon – TecTrich® Premium Hair Building Fibres unique 2nd Generation formula contains no heavy, clumping materials - so it looks natural and stays locked in place all day.

Select the shade closest to the colour of your hair roots. If your hair has different shades you can add a second lighter colour on top to build depth.

You can choose your fibre colour with confidence. All 18 shades are represented accurately with hi-resolution photography and are displayed side by side so you can compare and select with ease

We know it is a risk trying a new product or swapping brands, we get it. That's why we offer a 14 day money back guarantee.

Do you ship to Ireland?

Orders are sent by UPS and take 4 to 10 working days for delivery.

  • No extra fees upon delivery, the checkout price is the final price
  • VAT prepaid by us under IOSS, with no import duty or Customs fees owed
  • Orders must be between £10 and £120 in value excluding shipping
  • FREE UPS delivery when you spend over £70, otherwise £8.99 
  • Countries covered: Austria, Belgium, Czechia, Denmark, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain

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Can I mix colours?

Yes, apply the darkest colour first, pat down to spread the fibres. Then apply the lightly shade and pat. Repeat if needed to blend into your actual hair shade and thickness.

Are your products tested on animals and do they contain animal products?

No, our products are cruelty free, they are not tested on animals. Also, as they contain no animal products, they are also suitable for vegans.

Do you have to wash the fibres out every day?

We do recommend that you wash your hair daily – this ensures that your hair will look its best – greasy hair can clump up the fibres – then it doesn’t look natural.

What about hair styling?

We recommend that you style your clean hair as you would do normally, use your curling tongs or straighteners – and then use the fibres with fixing spray if you need extra hold.

Can I swap colours?

Yes, if you find you've chosen the wrong colour just contact us we are happy to swap