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Light Blonde - TecTrich® 25g Premium Hair Building Fibres…

Light Blonde - TecTrich® 25g Premium Hair Building Fibres…

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TecTrich® Premium Hair Building Fibres are made of an organic and keratin protein mix, just like hair. Statically charged, they form a clever magnetic attraction – locking onto the very thinnest of hairs. This makes every single hair look thicker and your hair look fuller - and as the Fibres are statically charged they will not come off in wind, rain or through perspiration.

TecTrich® is used by hair and make up professionals in the film and television industry and is part of the daily routine for thousands of people worldwide including some well known celebrities.

Unlike first generation hair fibres which are made of cotton, plain keratin or even nylon – TecTrich® Premium Hair Building Fibres unique 2nd Generation formula contains no heavy, clumping materials - so it looks natural and stays locked in place all day.

You can choose your fibre colour with confidence. All 18 shades are represented accurately with hi-resolution photography and are displayed side by side so you can compare and select with ease.

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